Dancers salute to veterans

Legacy Photo by Christie Blecher
Legacy Photo by Christie Blecher

Brittany Velasco | Staff Reporter

From the start, the dancers wowed the audience with their rhythm, flow and talent. The student Fall Dance Concert was held on Lindenwood University’s campus in the Bezemes Family Theater, located in the J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts.
There were a total of 12 dances, most choreographed by students, except for the finale, which was choreographed by Dance Department Chair Janet Strzelec. Students even designed the lighting for each dance.
The opening dance number was to the song “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. Each dancer had a different shirt that had words like bullying or hate on them crossed out. It was a large group dance which was choreographed by the Lindenwood University Dance Ensemble.
All types of dances were showcased in the concert from ballet to tap. In the number called “Mosaics,” those different styles of dance were acknowledged. The song choice was “August’s Rhapsody” by Mark Mancina. It started out with modern dancing including lots of graceful spins and leaps. About halfway through the song, a ballerina had her own solo dance, and towards the end there was a solo tap dancer, too.
Nature was brought to life on stage with music, dance and a little bit of video. The dance ensemble titled “Serenity” had a video designed by Zach Miller, which played different scenes from a creek to the ocean. The flow of the water and the rhythm of the sounds were played out by the dancers.
Student dancer Dani Smelser had her own solo dance and choreographed one as well. Her dance was to the song “Yesterday” by Eva Cassidy and was especially dedicated to her father.
The finale, choreographed by Dance Department Chair, Janet Strzelec, was a Veteran’s Day salute. The dancers were clothed in uniforms and honored each branch of the military. Behind them on a large screen, lyrics to each branch’s special songs were displayed.
Because of the flawless moves and creative set designs, it made for a stunning visual experience that those who watched surely did not regret.

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