What’s coming to and leaving Netflix this week

Here is the full list of what is coming to and leaving Netflix in December.
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Like last week, Netflix is adding an influx of new titles, while not taking any titles down.

One notable movie that’s being released to Netflix this week is “Some Kind of Beautiful” featuring Salma Hayek and Pierce Brosnan. This is a story about a college professor impregnating a student, and then falling in love with the students sister.

Netflix hasn’t added very many American titles this week, but more foreign ones like “Fauda,” which takes place in the Middle East and is about two enemies constantly clashing.

Here’s the full list of titles coming to Netflix this week:

May 20

  • Some Kind of Beautiful

May 21

  • Senora Acero (Season 4)

May 22

  • Mob Psycho 100 (Season 1)
  • Shooter (Season 2)
  • Terrace House: Opening New Doors: Part 2
  • Tig Notaro: Happy To Be Here

May 23

  • Explained

May 24

  • Fauda (Season 2)
  • Survivors Guide to Prison

May 25

  • Ibiza
  • Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life
  • The Toys That Made Us (Season 2)
  • Trollhunters: Part 3

May 26

  • Sara’s Notebook

May 27

  • The Break with Michelle Wolf


Make sure to check back next week to see what’s coming to and leaving Netflix. There will be many new titles in the beginning of June.

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