Tatted Ep 3 Tyler Curtis: A Sasquatch riding a bike

This is the eleventh episode of Tatted, a podcast telling the stories behind people's ink.
Graphic by Kat Owens

KAYLA DRAKE | Multimedia Producer

Freshman cyclist Tyler “Tigger” Curtis started road biking when he was 11 years old. Curtis is from northern Iowa and quit ice hockey to further pursue cycling in high school.

The first thing Curtis will tell you about himself is the fact that he cycles, his dad has owned a bike shop all his life, so Tyler has been immersed in the culture from pre-K. So immersed, that all of his tattoos have some connection to cycling.

Since Curtis was 16 years old he wanted to get a Sasquatch riding a bike. He just needed to find the right artist. In Minneapolis, Curtis found Charlie Forbes, and now Curtis is going back to Forbes for every tattoo he gets in the future. The Sasquatch is riding an old fashioned penny farthing bike, with a big front wheel and small back one. Curtis calls it "bikesquatch."
Photo by Kayla Drake
Curtis' high school cycling coach gave him the nickname "Tigger," for no apparent reason, and since then he hasn't been able to shake the name. For his high school graduation, Curtis' cycling coach gave him money for a tattoo, so in honor of his coach Curtis choose Tigger. 
Photo by Kayla Drake
Cycling runs in Curtis' family, so for his first tattoo he got a matching bike stencil with his sister. Curtis races road, cyclocross (which is a race that has obstacles and requires the rider to dismount and carry the bike for short periods) and recently mountain biking. He has only raced in two mountain biking races, but will travel to mountain bike nationals in two weeks.
Photo by Kayla Drake
Curtis, originally from Iowa, is double majoring in marketing and creative writing.
Photo by Kayla Drake

Tatted is a weekly podcast that comes out every Thursday, featuring Lindenwood students’ ink.

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