Opinion: Mizzou protests send mixed message

November 11, 2015 Lindenlink Staff 0

Tyler Tousley | Opinions Editor
Nov. 11, 2015; 3:00 pm

There is a revolution happening in America; a revolution that started with Michael Brown’s death in late 2014. Across the country we are seeing minority groups fighting for equality and a feeling of safety. One of the most recent installments is happening close to home for many of us. The University of Missouri (Mizzou), in Columbia, MO has exploded with racial tensions recently, and there is so much to cover. […]


Opinion: Privacy is no more

October 29, 2015 Devin King 0

Daniel Rottlaender Reporter
From Print [October 27, 2015]

We love the internet. We love having instant access to information, being able to communicate with friends, conduct our banking, or even do our shopping online.


Letter to the Editor: Athletic funding priorities fumbled

October 22, 2015 Tyler Tousley 0

Emily Miller | Reporter
From Print [October 20, 2015] | Legacy

For many of LU’s athletic teams it can be difficult to receive extra funding for competitions or even to get new equipment. A lot of these teams are either national champions, or win most games in their season. So why does the football team get the most advertising, the most funding and the best service for their recruits? […]


Opinion: Cause of shootings: race, gender not gun control and mental health

October 21, 2015 Tyler Tousley 0

Tyler Tousley | Opinions Editor
From Print [October 20, 2015] | Legacy

So far this year the U.S. has had 305 mass shootings. That number is astonishing within itself, but even more so when it is considered that we haven’t even had 300 days yet in 2015. This means we have had more than one shooting per day in this year alone.A lot of people want to turn these horrendous events into a conversation about gun control or mental health. That is not my intention. […]


Opinion: Fall break provides students much needed rest, relaxation

October 9, 2015 Tyler Tousley 0

Kelby Lorenz | Page Designer
From Print [October 6, 2015] | Legacy

Fall is a great time of year for a variety of reasons. Sweaters, scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, and bonfires are part of what makes fall wonderful. This year, Lindenwood has made fall even better by allowing us to have a small, but necessary, fall break. In past years, it has felt like a long-distance marathon from Labor Day break, which happens almost immediately after the first week of classes, and Thanksgiving. […]