Lindenwood Then and Now: Men first shook up campus 50 years ago

September 18, 2018 Matt Hampton 0

When students came back to Lindenwood in the fall of 1968, a group of men called the “Fabulous 15” had been admitted.  This decision outraged some women, who protested and burned a straw effigy outside of Ayres Hall, the only men’s dorm.  Huffman said the effigy either represented President Brown or the male students. […]


Historical Attractions

May 21, 2014 Lindenlink Staff 0

Brett McMillan | Staff Reporter
Posted May 27, 2014; 9:15 a.m.

Much of the taste of the Midwest, and United States as a whole, is not found in the more famous attractions of its cities, but in the sites considered to be hidden treasures. […]