Students responsible for coupon magazine


Corrin Scriber |Contributing Writer
From Print [Apr. 22, 2014] | Legacy

LindenZine is a campus magazine made by students for students. This magazine offers coupons, job listings and schedules for upcoming events. True to its slogan, “This is the ultimate source to find the best businesses close to campus, for students, approved by students. No more searching, LindenZine is here!”

“LindenZine was created because a few students at Lindenwood wanted a way for local businesses to connect with students,” said Alyssa Rispoli, a representative of LindenZine. “So, myself and a group of students– mostly business and marketing students– got together and we started this company.”

LindenZine was created specifically for Lindenwood students and is an expansion of CollegeZine. They are expanding CollegeZine even more with other schools around the area including Maryville University, St. Charles Community College and St. Louis University. LindenZine is also planning on launching an app in a few months so students can connect even better.

The way LindenZine works is mostly from student feedback. “We find businesses mainly by what students submit to us on the website. At we have a section where students can tell us their favorite place around campus. Once we receive submissions we contact the companies and ask for sweet deals,” said Rispoli.

Students can become more involved with LindenZine in others ways than just submitting businesses to their website, though. “Students can get involved in many ways. We also have jobs available that include handing out LindenZine, advertising and selling promotions. These all look great on a resume and you get paid!” said Rispoli. “We gain a little profit from LindenZine but most of it goes back to students who hand them out and work with us. It provides jobs for students on campus.” Other than paying the students who work for LindenZine, they have additional costs. “It costs a lot actually. The high quality, full-color print ads are the most expensive, we print over 1,000 a month,” said Rispoli.

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