Lockdown exercise to occur this summer


Amanda Mendez | Staff Reporter
Posted June 23, 2014; 8:30 a.m.

A lockdown exercise will occur on Lindenwood’s St. Charles campus and LUCC sometime this summer, according to the LU Digest. The exercise will prepare Lindenwood students and staff to utilize new locks installed in all rooms. The lockdown will occur in order to help in protecting those on Lindenwood’s campus in case there is a threat occurring on campus.

The exercise will last about 10-20 minutes in which employees and students will be expected to follow the lockdown procedures as if there were an actual threat.

It is important for all Lindenwood students and staff to be familiarized with the procedures and instructions in case of an actual threat. To read Lindenwood’s lockdown procedures, click here.

According to the announcement, during the lockdown instructors, staff and students who are in an office or classroom are told to lock the door and turn off the lights, as well as staying away from the windows and awaiting further instructions that will be sent via the Rave system and messages will scroll across computer screens via Alertus.

For further questions contact Director of Public Safety and Security, John Bowman, at ext. 4687.