Audit plans to improve campus IT


Several computers around campus are unable to cope with certain programs.  Photo by Ryan Oldham
Several computers around campus are unable to cope with certain programs.
Photo by Ryan Oldham

Article written by Ryan Oldham.

Lindenwood University will undergo an IT audit over the next few weeks after the University felt that “an external review and audit of the technology infrastructure and information systems,” was necessary.

Although timeline details have not been established, Lindenwood will find out by the end of the audit, how well the IT organization is prepared to deal with certain issues.

“By documenting and analyzing the current technology environment, LU will be able to set goals to improve and manage systems in a strategic and cost-effective manner,” Deb Ayres, Vice-President for Human Resources said.

The audit has come after strong scrutiny from many students who feel that the internet on campus simply isn’t good enough.

“The Wi-Fi on campus simply isn’t good enough for an institute of higher education. We’re led to believe that the school has bags of money, but it doesn’t seem to be going to the right places,” senior Alec Ball said.

“The poor quality of the Wi-Fi makes it hard to do anything online, whether it’s homework or video games. I can barely even use my phone while connected to the schools Wi-Fi,” senior Jordan Haar said.

The IT department was also responsible for the audit taking place. When reached directly, Head of IT Shawn Haghighi refused to make a statement on the audit.

“Feedback from the IT Department, the IT Committee, and individual students, faculty, and staff was the basis for the audit,” Ayres said.

Requests for proposals were solicited from three IT firms and Ayres said that the chosen company “has done extensive work in the higher education environment.”

The company in question is Acropolis Technology Group, a St. Louis based IT support firm who area Microsoft Gold Partner and are also partners with industry leaders such as Cisco, Citrix and Fortinet.

According to their website, Acropolis “don’t pretend to be smarter than anyone else,” and offer “a different perspective—no more or less important than yours.”