LU Gay/Straight Alliance hosts The Coming Out Series

Connor Johnson | Staff Reporter
November 4, 2014; 9:56 a.m. 

The Coming Out Series is being held by the Lindenwood University Gay/Straight Alliance, previously Spectrum, to help students express their sexuality and individuality.

The Lindenwood University Gay/Straight Alliance is a diverse group of people of different sexual orientations who want to promote awareness about the LGBT+ Community to college students. The organization is offering students the opportunity to share stories about their lives, their feelings about being queer, and their journey of sharing this information with other people.

The Coming Out Series will be open to the public, and the event will be held in the Butler Loft on Nov. 4 at 7 p.m.

Ethan Miller, the president of the Gay/Straight Alliance, expressed his hopes and expectations for the event.

Ethan came out as a homosexual to his mother in December of his freshman year of college, and he is expecting this event to be an emotional one.

“We hope that people show up and learn about our organization. The reason that many people don’t understand the LGBT+ community is a lack of communication that leads to fear and confusion,” said Miller.

The Coming Out Series will consist of ten people telling their stories. For some of the speakers, this is the first time that they have told anyone that they are homosexuals.

Not only will this be a significant event for the speakers, but this event may also be a place where members of the Gay/Straight Alliance can bond.

Kimberly Elfrink,  vice president of the organization, expressed how while many people know each other, they don’t know each other’s stories.

“Organizing the whole event was exciting because we wanted to form a sense of community at Lindenwood, and make people feel comfortable about their sexuality. As a club, I think that we have come far in spreading education about the LGBT+ community, and our organizations wants to spread this knowledge to many people,” said Elfrink.