LU-based bands play VB Chocolate Bar – Concert Review



Abigail J. Fallon Staff Reporter
November 18, 2014; 2:45 p.m.

A crowd of mostly 20-somethings jumped around and sipped on PBR and cocktails as Volcanoes drummer and vocalist Eric Peters swung from the rafters.


Last Sunday, the VB Chocolate Bar in Cottleville, Missouri hosted an “after hours” concert featuring The Bad Maps, led by LU senior Cole Figus, Volcanoes, comprised of alumni Peters and Jon Ryan, and DJ Absolutely.

The Bad Maps embodied an indie, retro rock feel with hanging guitar riffs by Alexander Woodward, passionate, poetic vocals by Figus and active, splashy drums by Tyler McBrayer. The crowd, which was mostly comprised of friends and fellow students, began dancing as soon as the first song broke out.

Volcanoes, Riverfront Times’ “Best Local Act Gone National” of 2012, began their set with a literal bang, as expected. The band played tracks from its new album, “Future Sorority Girls of America”, which features Peters’ driving beats and aggressive vocals alongside Ryan’s hypnotic keyboard and distorted bass. Their set was not for the faint of heart, but it did feature a brave and touching rendition of The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside,” which the crowd sang nearly every word to.

The show was capped by DJ Absolutely’s unique tracks that were impossible not to dance to. Absolutely had a diverse playlist that accommodated many styles, including hip-hop, dub-step and a decent dose of funk. For those who just did not sweat enough during The Bad Maps or Volcanoes, it was the perfect ending to a concert featuring artists that the greater St. Charles area should be proud of giving birth to.