What’s Up with Surveys


What's Up With Surveys | Photo by Nao Enomoto
Photo by Nao Enomoto
Provost Jan Wietzel leads the discussion in the event: What’s Up With Surveys?

Viki Muench | Staff Reporter
February 18, 2015; 12:37 p.m.

We, as students, all know the process at the end of every semester. We’re asked to complete an online survey on our portal where we have to rate our experience with the class and the professor. Most of us wonder, though, if anyone ever even reads and analyses these surveys or if they actually help to improve the general quality of our learning experience.

Lindenwood’s Provost Jann Weitzel talked about these questions in her presentation “What’s Up With Surveys?” and explained the reasoning behind the surveys.

“We actually do use these assessments. We want to be able to determine how each student and each department does and to see where specific problems are in particular,” Weitzel said. “If there are any issues with a specific professor, we work with them individually and come up with improvement plans to make sure that the classes and professors are as effective as possible and exactly what students expect and need.”

According to Weitzel, the professors never see any individual comments made by students, as this is still one of the major concerns that students have and stops them from filling out the surveys.

“They only get compiled results and average numbers about how their students rated them. So there is no need for any concern regarding privacy.”

Weitzel encourages everyone to keep completing the assessments at the end of the semester, so that the school can continue to work and improve the overall satisfaction of students about their classes.