Letter to the Editor: Athletic funding priorities fumbled

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Emily Miller | Reporter
From Print [October 20, 2015] | Legacy


Photo by Carly Fristoe

Photo by Carly Fristoe

For many of LU’s athletic teams it can be difficult to receive extra funding for competitions or even to get new equipment. A lot of these teams are either national champions, or win most games in their season. So why does the football team get the most advertising, the most funding and the best service for their recruits?

Last year, the team’s record was 2-9.This year the football team received new helmets for the entire team, plus new jerseys and pants to match. This is appalling for how badly they are performing.

The school needs to do a better job at recognizing other teams for their accomplishments and rewarding them with the equipment they need to continue improving. If other teams start to receive what they deserve and some of the funding gets spread more evenly, hopefully the football team will be encouraged to improve and work a little harder for their rewards. They may even get a better turnout at their games.

Editor’s note: Miller is a member of the synchronized swimming team.