Student organizations to compete in tree decorating contest


Katie Reigelsberger | Reporter
Dec. 7, 2015; 7 a.m.

Walking on the third and fourth floors of the Spellmann Center, students and faculty can’t help but get into the holiday spirit thanks to a campus-wide tree decorating contest.

Members of LU’s Student Life and Leadership set up the trees, allowing other student organizations to select and decorate one on a first-come, first-served basis. Groups began working on their tree decorations on Nov. 23 and have until 8 a.m. on Dec. 7 before judging begins.

Many of the 15 trees have specific themes, like the one sponsored by the Student Athletic Training Organization, featuring Gatorade cups, plastic gloves, Band-Aids and tongue depressors.

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Photos by Katie Reigelsberger
Use the navigation arrows to scroll through the 15 different trees entered in this year’s competition

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Mary Becker, member of Campus YMCA, helped decorate her club’s winning Christmas tree last year, and was excited to be able to trim another tree.

“It is very enjoyable to watch the other organizations get into the Christmas mood,” said Becker. “I think that the Campus YMCA has a very good chance of winning because we put so much time into decorating the tree.”

Since the winning organization only gets bragging rights and organization points, it is less competitive than some other LU contests. However, that doesn’t mean the contestants aren’t passionate about their entries.

“My favorite part is getting to show off our creative sides,” said Jordan Easter, former lead of the tree decorating committee for Delta Zeta. “I think the contest always lets us show the fun side of our organization.”