Merry Fitness Run combines exercise with holiday cheer


Kelly Woods | Reporter
Dec. 7, 2015; Noon

Runners make their way across campus during the Merry Fitness Run.
Photo by Kelly Woods

About 50 people participated in Lindenwood’s inaugural Merry Fitness Run, as way to get into the Christmas spirit and relieve holiday stress.

The 1-mile run, which happened Friday, Dec. 4 on the heritage campus, was hosted by the X-SCI Club.

The run was open to all students and staff, and participants were awarded with T-shirts, Santa hats and elf hats.

The mile consisted of four stations where runners participated in Christmas-related activities, such as singing Christmas carols. Then they topped the evening off with a bonfire, hot chocolate and s’mores.

“Since it’s final week next week, we’re hoping to relieve stress a little from students,” said Ann Puschkasch, president of the X-SCI Club.

Puschkasch hopes that the X-SCI club will continue the Merry Fitness Fun Run for years to come.