BSU celebrates MLK Day with calls to become ‘beloved community’


Cayla Brown | Reporter
Jan. 19, 2016; 3:30 p.m.

To commemorate the 30th Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Lindenwood Black Student Union celebrated King’s dream and his belief in “becoming the beloved community.”

 The event began with a march from Harmon Hall with participants singing “Amazing Grace” on their way to the Scheidegger Center.

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Song entitled Blackbird, sung by Alex Lutgen at the event.
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Along with students, faculty and members of the local community joined the celebration. President Michael Shonrock welcomed the audience with a brief address and the Ark of Safety Choir performed.

The Rev. Starsky Wilson, a philanthropist and co-chair of the Ferguson Commission, gave the keynote speech. Based in St. Louis at St. John’s Church and CEO of Deaconess Foundation, Wilson works in Ferguson to study underlying conditions and recommend public policy changes.

Wilson agreed that people should follow what King believed and what has now become a popular hashtag: Stay Woke. This is the ability to see past the lies and make a move for change. Change follows action and those who take action can lead change.

“It won’t just happen on its own,” said Wilson in his speech. “It takes a mobilization and agitation and advocacy and a movement of soul force to make our community what God has called us to be.” 

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Hover over the images above to reveal captions. Photos by Kelby Lorenz

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BSU also had members perform, including Taylor Gibson sharing her mime dance routine and Alex Lutgen singing “Blackbird.” Diamond Holt finished the performances with a spoken word performance.

The celebration was ended with Rachel Douchant leading a prayer, followed by a reception. The BSU has hosted the march for several years and hopes to continue it in the future.