Track your mailroom packages with new website tool Neopost


Devin King | News Editor
From Print [February 16, 2016] | Legacy

Students can now use a new tool to track packages that get delivered to campus.

Mailroom Director Amanda Best said the service, called Neopost, was set up in January.

“It’s nice not getting 50 billion calls a week wondering where their package is,” Best said. “[Neopost] is cloud-based, so everyone can access it.”

The new mailroom system will make it easier to track all incoming packages.
Photo by Nao Enomoto

Neopost’s updates on packages will happen in real-time.

Currently, no link to the Neopost page is listed on Lindenwood’s website, but users can go to the page by putting in the URL

Once at the Neopost home page, students can enter a login they receive by email to look up packages that were sent to them. They can then track their packages to see if they were received by the mailroom.

As in the past, students will still receive an email once their package has arrived.

Best said Neopost is just one of several plans Lindenwood has to improve the mailroom service. Another is to move the mailroom to Evans Commons from the Spellmann Center.

Before the move can happen, though, Lindenwood needs to approve and buy a vehicle for the mailroom staff to make deliveries.
There are currently two mailrooms located in the Evans Commons, and this change would make it so that all mail-related activities on campus would take place in one building.

For more information on Neopost and receiving packages on campus, email the mailroom staff at [email protected] or call 636-627-2501.