Men’s Basketball Tryouts Kickoff Season


By Romain Polge|Lindenlink Staff

On Tuesday Sept. 12 tryouts were held for the Lindenwood men’s basketball team.

Before the tryouts started, the players gathered in the middle of the basketball court where the head coach, Brad Soderberg, gave a general speech about the team. He explained how the tryouts would work and discussed the two spots that were available this year.

When the speech was finished, the assistant coaches gave the instructions for the different warm-up drills. They mostly consisted of a number of fast break exercises and half court lay-up exercises. Then the coaches set up a dribbling course to see who the good basketball handlers were.

After a three-versus-two fast break drill, the players finished the warm-up with several shooting drills. The students had to shoot under various conditions, such as following a dribble or in catch- and-shoot situations. Finally, the coaches organized some one-on-one games, followed by a five-on-five full court game which closed the tryout.

The men’s basketball team will start its first season as a NCAA member on Nov. 11 against Greenville College of Illinois at the Hyland Performance Arena.