Pinchin’ Pennies: Characteristics of a Smart Shopper


The Little Black Dress is a splurge worthy item. It's a staple and that can be combined with anything.

Amanda Young | Managing Editor

Today, we’re going to graze the topic of Splurging, among other things.

Not something you’d expect from a money-saving post. But hang on, this is important for anyone who shops. So that’s you.

Saving the extra bit of cash all depends on being a smart shopper.

What is a smart shopper? Excellent question.

Characteristics of a Smart Shopper:

  • Take advantage of the bargains.

Found that fabulous skirt, but it’s a little out of your price range? Wait a while, it will go on sale eventually.

BUT. This does not mean that if it’s on sale, you buy it. If you don’t need it, there’s no reason to purchase the item, no matter how far it’s marked down. Unless you find something for a buck, the impulse buy is a no.

  • Shop with a purpose.

If you’re really trying to save money, don’t stroll around and window shop. Bad idea. You’ll be tempted to buy and buy and buy, which could wreak havoc on your wallet. If you go in a store, have a reason or leave your wallet in the car.

  • Don’t be afraid to spend.

Now stop. Read this carefully.

A smart shopper doesn’t splurge on a pair of sweatpants. That’s a basic quality item that typically doesn’t need to be just that perfect fit.

Some people may need to splurge on jeans to get the right cut. Maybe your signature and

The Little Black Dress is a splurge worthy item. It’s a staple and that can be combined with anything.

favorite top is a plain black T. Both things are splurge-worthy. You need well-fitting jeans and you need a shirt that can stand a lot of wear and washing. Special items or frequently used items need to be higher quality and will most likely cost more.

Don’t feel guilty about paying the extra cash – especially if you’re following all the other rules of shopping.