Evans Dining hall officially opened with administrative dedication

Evans Dining hall officially opened with administrative dedication

Kelby Lorenz | Editor-in-chief
Aug.18, 2016; 3 p.m.

Ryan Guffey
Ryan Guffey introduces the speakers during the Evans Dining Hall dedication.
Photo by Kelby Lorenz

Despite the idle chatter of students eating lunch, executive members of the Lindenwood administration and the Lindenwood Student Government Association gave a dedication to officially open the new Evans Commons Dining Hall on Aug. 18.

Roughly a dozen administrators and staff heard speakers talk about the renovation.

Ben Blanton, vice chair of Lindenwood’s board of directors, presented a recent history of the university. He explained that in 1989, Lindenwood College was planning on selling out for “a whopping one dollar.”

Opening the dedication was Vice President of Student Development and Global Affairs, Ryan Guffey, who introduced the speakers for the event.

Jim Shoemake
Board of Executives Vice Chair Ben Blanton presents a brief history of Lindenwood.
Photo by Kelby Lorenz

Lindenwood President Michael Shonrock stepped up to the podium briefly to whip up school spirit. Shonrock had all students, including those who were eating, stand and yell “like no other” as loud as they could, much to the delight of the gathered staff and administrators.

Finally, LSGA President Regan Cole spoke of Student Involvement.

“This building [Evans] has changed a lot since I started here two years ago,” Cole said. In addition to the renovations, many offices have moved to the third floor of Evans, such as Residential Life and the Student Health Center.

Cole continued by encouraging the new students to stop by the Student Involvement office on the third floor of Evans Commons, and to be involved in as much as they can.

The dedication served as a precursor for the opening of the dining facilities in the Spellmann Center, which will take place on Monday, Aug. 22 at 10 a.m.

*An early version of this story had one of the speakers listed as Jim Shoemake, the chair of the board of directors, instead of Ben Blanton, the vice chair.