LU goes Greek with recruitment events


Phil Brahm | Lindenlink Editor
Sept. 6, 2016; 4:30 p.m.

Rush Week
Graphic by Kelby Lorenz

Lindenwood is gearing up to “Go Greek” with a series of annual recruitment events scheduled to take place throughout the month of September.

The university’s five Greek-life organizations will be opening their doors to new members as they look to continue the steady rise of membership on campus. According to Assistant Director of Student Involvement Christopher Miofsky, the campus Greek system has seen double-digit growth during the past several fall semesters.

“What we are seeing is the result of the investment of the university and a lot of hard work,” Miofsky said.

The campus sororities will be holding events from Sept. 6-10, giving women on campus the opportunity to become involved in their sisterhoods.

The campus’ two organizations, Delta Zeta and Sigma Sigma Sigma, both will be opening their doors to members.

Halie Rickermann, who has been a part of Tri Sigma since her freshman year in 2014, said joining a group played a major role in helping her adjust to life away from home.

“As someone coming to Lindenwood not knowing anyone, it was very reassuring that I always had someone to have lunch with or say hi to,” Rickermann said “I don’t go one day without seeing at least five of my sisters, whether it’s walking to class or in my actual classes.”

She added that both of Lindenwood’s sororities are filled with members who will help create networking opportunities and develop lifelong friendships.

Women’s recruitment will begin with a Greek Life orientation and continue throughout the week with several events. During these times, participants will have the chance to learn about each sorority’s sisterhood and philanthropies. Bids will be awarded at the end of the week.

Recruitment is open to all female students at Lindenwood who are currently taking a minimum of 12 credit hours and hold a 2.5 GPA.

The campus’ fraternities will kick off their Rush Week on Sept. 12 with a Greek Life orientation as well. Participants will then have the opportunity to meet members of Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Theta and Phi Lambda Phi at a community event held in Evans Commons. Each individual chapter will then hold events of their own, leading up to bid day on Sept. 17.

Tyler Campbell, Lindenwood’s Delta Tau Delta president, agrees that Greek Life helps form professional connections and make friends. He also said joining a group is a great way to get involved on campus.

“As an organization, we do a lot of stuff around campus; we host events all year long,” Campbell said to the residents of Guffey Hall during a dorm meeting on Aug. 25. “We’re always trying to do stuff and give back to the members of the community.”

Male Lindenwood students must also be taking 12 credits and meet the 2.5 GPA requirement to participate in Rush Week.

For students who may be sitting on the fence about whether to attend the events, Miofsky, who was a member of Delta Lambda Phi at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, encourages everyone to truly learn what Greek life is all about.

“We understand that recruitment and rush is very much a fact-finding time,” Miofsky said. “As much as it’s a time to say ‘Here’s who we are’ and ‘We’re really excited you’re here,’ it’s also a time for the non-affiliated student because they want to know more about our organizations.”

For more information on Lindenwood’s Greek Life and its upcoming events, visit Involve U.