Title IX official focuses on victims

Title IX official focuses on victims

Wesley Thomas | Reporter
Oct. 18, 2016; 7 a.m.

babelLindenwood’s Title IX Coordinator Tina Babel aspires to raise awareness and provide training about sexual discrimination and make the policy and procedures clear for everyone.

Tina Babel is a lawyer from Missouri who said she has a passion for working with victims of discrimination and domestic violence. She is new to the position at Lindenwood this year.With her training and new approach to problems, Babel said she hopes to help Lindenwood move forward on these issues.

Title IX is a law that requires gender equality for men and women in all educational programs that receive federal funding.

Title IX also deals with sexual harassment and sexual violence, a rising problem on college campuses, and reporting these incidents.
Babel has handled more than 100 orders of protection cases in private practice with the law firm Carmody MacDonald. She attended law school at the University of California, Hastings, where she said her passion for helping others was ignited.

“I had close friends that were victims of sexual violence and had nowhere to turn,” said Babel. “The thought that I could actually make a difference and make sure that no one feels alone and unsupported … seems like some sort of poetic justice.”

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As the new Title IX coordinator, Babel said another one of her goals is for students and staff to be clear on the policy and the procedures it entails. For instance, she wants everyone to know when to report an issue and how to report it.

According to the email sent by Babel, Lindenwood has partnered with EverFi to create Haven.

The company’s mission “is to help students address critical life skills such as sexual assault prevention, in higher education institutions across the country.”

Haven is a course that addresses issues of sexual assault, relationship violence and sexual harassment. Lindenwood expects all of its students to complete the course, which has been available since Sept. 22.

The course can be accessed through student portal under the “EverFi” link. The course comes in two parts, and 45 days after completing part one, an invitation will be sent to complete part two.

“We want to start a dialogue on campus, raise awareness and to encourage students to step up,” said Babel.

Any students with questions about Title IX or sexual assault awareness are encouraged to stop by Babel’s office in Roemer Hall, Room 119.