Mailroom services updated for fall


Coordinator of Campus Services Mike Tolman waits in the mailroom in Evans Commons for any students who need to pick up packages.
Photo by Nao Enomoto Lindenwood

Changes are being made within the mailroom for the upcoming school year to improve convenience for students and to make policies clearer, said Amanda Best, Lindenwood’s mail services coordinator.

People wishing to keep their mailboxes over the summer must renew them by May 5. If not renewed, an email will be sent to the student giving them a 24-hour notice to empty it.

Any contents of unrenewed boxes will be returned to the sender after the 24-hour window closes.

A limit of one live demonstration of how to open the mailboxes per person, per box will go into effect in the fall.

The staff will then only manually open boxes if they have been confirmed broken.

“For a lot of international students, the instructions on how to open the mailboxes can be difficult to understand because they are only provided in English,” Best said.

Best said that an instructional video on how to open mailboxes is currently in the works.

The video will be provided in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Package tracking is being converted strictly to phone and email and a tracking number must be presented at the time of request.

Same-day pickup will no longer be guaranteed for the first two weeks of any given term, due to large numbers of incoming packages.

Family members will have the option to apply for a shared mailbox for added convenience.

Students soon will be required to submit all forms online to improve processing speed and accuracy.
Forms only will be accepted in person when time permits.

Best said that the new forms are already available online for students at

All other changes will go into effect at the beginning of the fall semester.

For questions, feedback, or a complete list of mailroom changes, contact [email protected] or 636-627-2501.

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