Overnight guests allowed in new visitation policy


Community adviser Elizabeth Peters covers the front desk of Calvert Rogers on Aug. 30 during visitation hours.
Photo by Lindsey Fiala


Labor Day weekend will mark the start of expanded visitation under a pilot program at Lindenwood.

Between the hours of noon Friday and midnight Sunday residents will be allowed one overnight visitor. Monday through Thursday visitation hours will remain the same: noon to midnight.

The program was approved July 17 by President Michael Shonrock.

“We are expecting our students to abide by the policy and to be honest,” said Shane Williamson, associate vice president of student life and diversity.

Before having overnight guests, residents must sign a roommate agreement, which outlines responsibilities and approves visitation in their residence. Any resident has the right to object to his or her roommate having overnight guests and must fill out a written objection with the area coordinator.

Each resident is allowed only one overnight visitor at a time and must escort that visitor at all times. Non-Lindenwood visitors who are under 18 years old are not allowed as overnight guests.

“I think this change is positive,” said Terry Russell, director of residential housing. “Most universities in the area are allowing their students to have overnight guests, and I just think it’s a part of growing up, part of being an adult and a part of being responsible.”

The full policy can be found here