$13 tattoos to celebrate this Friday the 13th


The tattoo sheet for the Electric Peacock in Columbia, Missouri. The shop will sell these specific tattoos for $13 with a $7 tip.
Photo used with permission by shop artist, Tyler Hague.


This Friday is the 13th, and for many that means $13 tattoos.

The special is for walk-ins only and costs $13 with a $7 tip. Customers can only choose tattoos from a flash sheet, a sheet of designs, predetermined by the artist and the shop.

Getting a tattoo on Friday the 13th has been a tradition since the ’60s.

Tyler Hague, a tattoo technician from the Electric Peacock in Columbia, Missouri, said that Friday the 13th tattoos are so popular because they are an unique opportunity.

“If you can go into a tattoo shop and get a tattoo for $13, that’s good luck, it’s good fortune,” he said.

Lindenwood sophomore Tommi Donnelly-Julian’s $13 tattoo she got in January.
Photo by Abby Stone.

Tommi Donnelly-Julian, a student at Lindenwood went to the Friday the 13th sale in January. She got two tattoos during this sale and plans to go again this week. She said that she liked the designs and the fact that they were so cheap.

Donnelly-Julian said that she went with a group of friends for the last sale and had an all-around good experience.

“People always say that tattoos have a deep meaning,” she said. “But if that meaning is that you wanted to go have fun with your friends and get a Friday the 13th tattoo, I think that’s the best meaning.”

Hague also said that he enjoys the experience as an artist and carefully plans his designs.

“[Tattooing] is more for the experience of meeting people and getting to interact … the designs, they’re a little bit larger so I get to actually have that time for connection,” he said.

Along with the Electric Peacock, Iron Age Tattoos, situated in the Delmar Loop, is doing a flash sale for Friday the 13th. The shop could not be reached for a comment.

The Electric Peacock is expecting a minimum of 1,000 people to show up for the sale, according to Hague.