St. Charles View: Akin vs. McCaskill


Photo by Madison Burke

Madison Burke | Lindenlink Contributor

The 2012 Missouri senatorial race has attracted national attention because of candidate Todd Akin’s controversial comments and the ground that his opponent Claire McCaskill has gained as a result.

Photo by Madison Burke

Akin made televised comments last August, stating his belief that the female body is able to prevent pregnancy in the case of rape. He was urged by members of the Republican Party to withdraw from the race so a different Republican candidate could go against McCaskill. Akin refused. The results so far between Akin and McCaskill have been a toss-up.

Ali Jones from St. Charles voted for Claire McCaskill, saying, “I mean, it’s obvious his comments will affect the outcome. I always start off fresh when looking at the parties, but his comments were a deciding factor for me.”

President of The Missouri Alliance For Retired Americans David Mienell also thinks that McCaskill is the best choice.

“She’s been a no-nonsense senator who has tried her best to represent all of the people in our state.”

Matt Kesler from St. Charles says that he is voting for Akin because he wants to support the party and not necessarily Akin himself.

“Honestly, he’s not my first choice. I’m just going against Claire (McCaskill) because she’s not for small government and she’s for Obamacare and he would want to repeal Obamacare.”

St. Charles Republican Donna Force does not think that Akin’s controversial words should be held against him.

“He’s definitely a better alternative than McCaskill. Just because political figures make dumb comments doesn’t mean they’re dumb.”