Students make choices on America’s future

Genell JeffriesLindenlink Fashion Editor

On Nov. 6, 31 students on campus were randomly asked about voting. Among these students, 19 voted in the election while 12 did not. Some of the non-voters argued that they wanted to vote, but they did not obtain a absentee ballot from their registered state .

Some students were willing to share their views.


Photo by Genell Jeffries
Mallorie Peterson, senior, who is majoring in sports management, voted for President Barack Obama. She said, “I think he did a good job. It takes more than four years to repair damage.”











Hannah Lang, junior, who is majoring in mass communications, voted for Mitt Romney. She said, “Romney’s the lesser of two evils and I don’t agree with a lot of reforms Obama will, and plans, to put through.”












Photo by Genell Jeffries
Mark Brunson, junior, from Georgia is majoring in exercise science and did not vote. “I’m not registered,” he said. “I wanted to vote.”










Photo by Genell Jeffries
Gabriela Pires, freshman, is majoring in journalism. Pires, from Brazil, said she cares about the election. “I hope to live and vote in America some day,” she said.