Movie review: Flight

Photo by Genell Jeffries
Flight movie ticket.

Genell Jeffries | Lindenlink Fashion Editor

This week, I went to the theater to see “Flight”. I enjoyed that this movie was not predictable. It was full of ironic twists and turns. I never knew what the main character, Captain Whip Whitaker, was going to do next.

The beginning of the movie takes viewers to the heartfelt event that the entire movie is centered around. This incident was filled with emotion and cold hard truth. Most importantly, I got sense of how addicts live life.

The unpredictable theme was consistent throughout the movie. I appreciated this quality because it kept me surprised. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire show.

Denzel Washington was phenomenal as Captain Whitaker. This role was the same suspenseful role he’s best at. At the same time, this role was unique. He was someone that no one liked, yet someone that shared the self-denial that is common among the human race.

I recommend this movie for people who believe in redemption and recovery. Although there was no fairy tale ending, the ending was satisfactory.

I give this movie five stars.