Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

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Genell Jeffries | Lindenlink Fashion Editor

This week, I went to see “Cloud Atlas” and from the beginning to end, I was confused on what the central theme was. The movie seemed all over the place. There were some captivating scenes, but overall, I was lost in this fantasy world.

I didn’t feel like I was provided with enough information to enjoy this movie completely. I thought that this would have been a great movie series. Instead, it was a lot of information crammed into a three hour sitting.

I had so many questions throughout the film that were never answered. I was not satisfied with the layout of the film. It was a bit hard to keep up with who is who and what era things are taking place.

Actors like Halle Barry and Tom Hanks made me eager to find out what this movie was about. The combination of those two characters seemed intriguing to me. I am sad to report that I was horribly disappointed.

This is no “must see” movie. It is a thought-provoking mess. I think it could have used a little more tender love and care before it hit the big screens.

I give this movie two stars out of four.