Opinion: America actually needs to drain the swamp


Keeping Ray Moore out of the United States Capitol Building, where the Senate meets, would benefit the country greatly.
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President Donald Trump talks day in and day out about draining the swamp that is Washington, D.C.

What’s obvious is that he doesn’t intend to start this purge by getting rid of politicians who have previously taken advantage of young girls in their lifetime.

Judge Roy Moore is currently a candidate in Alabama’s Senate race. Moore is also currently amid allegations of starting sexual encounters with teenage girls while he was in his 30s.

However, that didn’t stop Trump from endorsing the candidate.

On Monday, Dec. 4, Moore tweeted the following to announce that he is being endorsed by the president:

Roy Moore may be optimistic about the possibility of joining the Senate. However, a multitude of Americans are not quite as optimistic.
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Yes, Mr. Moore, we do need a fighter in the Senate. Someone who fights against the continued use of power to take advantage of the American people mentally and physically.

Among the allegations against Moore are molesting a 14-year-old girl and sexually assaulting another teenager.

As of right now, these various allegations have come from five different women. For an in-depth look at what these women are saying, check out this article from The Washington Post.

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t want a man who has been alleged of sexual misconduct of any kind, especially when minors are involved, representing any part of our country.

Nor do I want the president of the United States backing a man with such allegations for the Senate election.

On Monday, Dec. 4, Trump tweeted the following:

President Trump explains why he backs Roy Moore in his typical form of communication, Twitter.
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No Mr. President, what we need is YOUR vote on putting an end to the sexual assault and harassment epidemic currently plaguing this country.

What we need is to worry less about either party’s agenda and to worry more about the way we the American people are treated by those in power.

What we need is a group of political leaders that claims to be tough on crime and doesn’t choose to look past the crimes and wrongdoings committed by our elected officials.

What we need is to do what we say we’re going to do in D.C. and actually drain the swamp.