3 new clubs coming to campus


A student signs up for the Lindenwood Quiz Bowl, a new club coming to campus. Photo by Marquita Young.


Three new clubs are joining the campus this semester: Lindenwood University Quiz Bowl, Commuter Club and Lindenwood Color Guard. The clubs were newly initiated Sept. 30. 
Lindenwood Quiz Bowl is a scholastic quiz bowl, divided into two teams of four. They play academic games that cover diverse subjects, including, but not limited to, math, history and science. Whichever team answers the most questions correctly wins, so no bowling shoes or bowling alley, just trivia. 
Each team has a buzzer; whichever team strikes its buzzer first gets to answer the question. However, the team cannot collaborate with each other to answer the question, so if Player 1 hits the buzzer, Player 1 has to answer.
“It’s very cool, and we’re excited about it,” said Jack Bedtke, vice president of Student Involvement. 
All Lindenwood Quiz Bowl tournaments and events are free, except those held off campus.
The Commuter Club is for those students who live off-campus and commute to school. The goal is to get more commuters involved in activities on campus.
“I wanted something to help commuters know that they’re still students, they still count and they can still participate in the activities,” said Molly Tiemeyer, president of the club. 
Commuter Club anticipates having a Commuter Coffee every month in the Commuters Lounge located in Evans. The Commuter Coffee will include a discussion about different events and activities commuters can get involved in.
Lindenwood Colorguard is affiliated with the band but is rarely recognized. Colorguard adds flavor to the marching band performances by using flags and dance. This club will help provide recognition to their needs and help them expand.
“By making them an organization, they will be recognized for the things they need, and now they can begin to grow and have more people in their organization,” Bedtke said.
These clubs currently don’t have any events scheduled yet, so anyone interested should check Involve U for coming events.