Awareness of Greek Life to increase with new leader

Connor Johnson| Lindenlink Contributor

If students at the Lindenwood St. Charles Campus do not know a lot about Greek Life, that may be changing soon. On Jan. 21, Andrea Keller replaced Giang Mullins as the new Assistant Director of Student Life and Leadership/Greek Life.

Keller was very excited about being hired after applying for the position posted on Lindenwood’s website. At the time, she was at the Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors in Indianapolis. Keller, a sister of Gamma Phi Omega, graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master’s degree in public administration. She previously worked as a banker at U.S. Bank in Cottleville when Lindenwood got in contact with her.

Though she is new, Keller already has goals for the student body. Keller said, “We are first going to focus on developing IFC (Intrafraternal Council) and the Panhellenic Council and strengthen the Greek Council, and develop the structure of what already exists.” Keller wants to accomplish these goals by writing a constitution for Greek organizations, getting it approved, starting to meet with the different leaders of Greek organizations and getting individuals elected to an executive board.

Dylan Jimenez, former Secretary for Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, said, “I think that Mrs. Keller is doing a great job and is taking things in the right direction with the joint formal recruitment for fraternities. Spring Semester is always slow for Greek Life as far as recruitment, but I think by next fall, things will be really big.”

When Keller’s time at Lindenwood is all said and done, the legacy she wants to leave is to increase the education about Greek Life within the student body. She says that the general student body does not know about Greek Life, and she wants to help change that. “There is a lot of potential on this campus and we need to take advantage of this opportunity,” said Keller. Currently, Keller is getting used to the campus and the student body, but she has other plans to reveal to Greek Life once she has a better feel for the school.