The voices behind “What’s the LindenWord?” hope to capture listeners with honesty


Rachel Higgins and Caroline Campbell recording an episode of their weekly podcast “What’s the Lindenword?”
Photo by Courtney Carr

 COURTNEY CARRSpecial to Lindenlink

Two students are helping to spread the word about happenings on campus with a podcast they started this semester.

Rachel Higgins and Caroline Campbell said the purpose behind their show, “What’s the LindenWord?” is to give students another platform to have a voice on campus.

Topics on the podcast, which goes up on Lindenlink every Wednesday and has aired eight episodes so far, have ranged from the campus crime log to paranormal activity at Lindenwood.

For Higgins and Campbell, the podcast has not only been fun, but has also given them an opportunity to do hands-on work that will help to prepare them for their careers. Both said they are grateful to have been given a chance to learn the ropes.

Higgins said although starting a podcast may seem simple, a lot of work goes into the shows.

“Caroline is in charge of getting together the news stories,” she said. “Once we go in and record, we do the audio testing. Afterwards, I go through and edit out the mistakes. I sit at home and edit the podcast for hours, and put together the social media content.”

Higgins and Campbell have dreams of making the podcast big on Lindenwood’s campus, and they hope to draw in listeners through an open and honest policy.

“Those are the kinds of podcasts I am drawn to because they are more relatable,” Campbell said. “I want to help other people by being honest about what is going on in my life. I would choose being podcast famous over being Instagram famous any day, because you are known for being you, not for being perfect.”

Part of the content on their show includes a segment with a featured guest. Student Joseph Flowers, part of a finalist team that competed in Red Bull’s Can You Make It Challenge, was one of them.

Flowers was featured on episode four of “What’s the LindenWord?” and talked with the girls about paranormal activity at Lindenwood and his time on the Can You Make It Challenge.

“I got to really explain some cool stories and adventures I have been on,” he said. “I was finally able to put that out there so that more people could hear them.”

Higgins and Campbell said they want to encourage students to continue listening to their weekly podcast, and they welcome any new listeners.

“I would say it’s a good way to get to know fellow students that you wouldn’t normally get to know,” Higgins said. “We dive deep into learning about people.”