What’s the LindenWord? Ep 11: Why New Year’s resolutions are pointless


What’s the LindenWord? is a weekly podcast giving you the inside on all things Lindenwood. Hosted by Caroline Campbell and Rachel Higgins.
Graphic by Ally Plume


This is “What’s the LindenWord?” where hosts Rachel Higgins and Caroline Campbell talk about all things dealing with Lindenwood and their students.

This week the girls bring Oliver Mueller, a junior psychology major, on the podcast and talk about their peak and pits of winter break. They talk about the crime log at Lindenwood and Rachel Higgins vents about why she hates New Year’s Resolutions. Also on this episode is all the business and personal life advice you never knew you needed, straight from Oliver Mueller.

What’s the LindenWord? comes out every Wednesday and does not reflect the opinions of Lindenlink staff or Lindenwood University.