Outlook for Lindenwood baseball this fall


Photo by Tim Canavan

Lindenwood’s baseball field at the Lou Brock Sports Complex on Sept. 9, 2020.

Jordan Deeken, Reporter

With the pandemic still in full effect, Lindenwood has taken unique approaches in order for students to continue playing on campus sports.

Although playing any sport in a face mask is not ideal, Lindenwood’s baseball team is making the best of an unpredictable situation. The team is taking distinctive measures to make practices more effective.

Lindenwood baseball is practicing six days a week, while being spread out into four groups. These groups arrive at practice at separate times in the day to allow social distancing to be in effect. Face masks are worn at all times during practice, as well. Since the whole team does not get to practice together, the coaching staff is working extra hard to make sure each player is benefiting from each practice.

One senior on the Lindenwood baseball team is Niko Marshall. Marshall is understanding of why face masks and social distancing are required, but expresses his concern for the future of his senior year.

“I’m not sure of games going forward, but our practices have been run well since the virus hit,” Marshall said.

The idea that Lindenwood’s baseball team will actually get to play any games this year is still under review, but they are making sure their practices prepare them for any type of game.

The baseball team had a record of 15-1 last year. With a strong record last season, not being able to play any games this year would, as expected, be disappointing to the entire team.

Marshall describes the difficulties of wearing a mask during practices as “tolerable.”

“It’s not bad in a mask, but it does get hot every now and then,” Marshall said.

Lindenwood’s baseball team will continue to overcome obstacles presented in front of
them as they proceed to practice for the rest of their season.