Scandinavian Fashion


Daniela Tablante | Lindenlink Reporter

Living in Europe gave me the opportunity to be in touch with some of the cities with the best fashion industry in the world.  It is easy to find the latest trends of Paris, London, and Milan in Madrid’s streets. However, European fashion is so much more than these three places. There are a lot of other cities that even though are not that widely famous have a lot of fashion culture and history.

Walking the streets of Madrid last winter I found a store that really caught my attention, so I decided to go inside. I was surprised by the originality of their designs and the quality of the materials, so I asked the sales person where the store was from and she told me that it was from Denmark. I had never seen a store like that before, and even though I did not buy anything that day because it was expensive, I started to research about Demark fashion.

That was how I discovered the Scandinavian fashion world. I became a follower of the Scandinavian designers and started to follow some of their style blogs.  I realized that the north European fashion offer a new style that can be very usable, especially for girls like me who love to dress differently.

The Scandinavian fashion industry is mostly based in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, but also in Finland and Iceland, and it is characterized by the simplicity of its style. Thus, in their clothes you can find the most beautiful contrast between modesty and elegance.

Scandinavian mode has demonstrated that the best outfit can be created with just a few elements, being a great option among the others Europeans styles.  Moreover, Scandinavian clothes are made with materials of the best quality and most of them are made with methods of ecological ethics.

The originality and minimalism of their designs, but also the good quality of their product has been the reasons why the Scandinavian mode has been so successful in the last years. If you are interested in learning more about the Scandinavian fashion world, I recommend the book “Fashion Scandinavia” by Dorothea Gundtoft, and the “Copenhagenish” blog. The north European style can be your best choice if you want to look chic without an excess of fancy clothes.