Niccolls’ Hot Water Burns Residents


Jeremy Broadbooks| Lindenlink Contributor

Due to an archaic plumbing system, girls in Niccolls Hall are berated with scorching water during their daily shower time at the mere flush of a toilet.  It seems that for an instant after the emptying of the toilet bowl that the water becomes unbearably hot and uncomfortable and can result in the type of minor burns if the girls do not quickly remove themselves from the trajectory path of the water.

Often times girls’ eyes will be blinded by shampoo from their hair and without warning, a stream of boiling hot water will rain down upon them.  The type of quick action needed to evade being burnt sometimes can become dangerous for Niccolls residents.

Senior student Sabrina Layman said, “I lived in Niccolls for three and a half years.  I was burnt every time I showered and have almost fallen from jumping out of the water.”

Another resident of Niccolls, junior Anica Grgurich, said, “There is no avoiding getting burnt when you shower.  All the floors have this problem except the second floor.”

This type of unsafe environment that affects the residents of Niccolls puts not only the students, but the university itself at risk.  If one of the residents were to slip, fall and be seriously injured trying to evade scalding water, the costs for both sides could be astronomical.