Cold rooms causing stress for both students and Residential Life across campus


Photo by Jessica Spivey

Irwin Hall during Lindenwood’s first snow day of the 2021-22 school year on Wednesday, Feb. 2.

Mallary Vasquez, Reporter

Students around campus have returned to their dorms for the spring semester to find their residencies uncomfortably cold, with the Residential Offices looking to find solutions for the issue.

Residents from dorm halls across campus have been facing the struggles of inadequate dorm temperatures. As winter temperatures have dropped, more and more students have reported the struggle.

“Due to the cooler temperatures we are facing, it’s inevitable that some issues can arise from the cold, but it’s important that students reach out as soon as they notice any changes to get our teams on it,” Assistant Director of Residential Life Jennifer Susnic said in an email to Lindenlink.

Both maintenance and Residential Offices are on call 24/7 with these issues, according to Susnic. In some situations, cooler temperatures in dorms can be expected and not easily prevented.

The Residential Offices have been combating the cold with temporary solutions, using space heaters or temporary relocating students as maintenance works on fixing any issues. Students having struggles with the cold in the dorms are encouraged to reach out to their Residential Community Coordinators to make their living experience at Lindenwood more comfortable.

“I had a huge struggle with the air in my dorm, public safety had to bring me a space heater late at night because my heater was blowing out 61-degree air when it was two degrees outside,” Ayres resident Mackenzi Pfeffer said.

Pfeffer has dealt with this issue since moving in at the beginning of the spring semester. While she was able to bear it the first night, she was unable to do so the next day.

“I called maintenance and they sent the company that they outsource to my room, and they claim that they fixed it and left,” Pfeffer said. “Later that night (at) about 10 I was just shaking so bad so I called public safety and they brought a space heater into my room.”

The same outsourced company came the next day to fix the issue, but after a while, the temperatures dropped to the same as what it was when she first filed the complaint.

Pfeffer told Lindenlink that she doesn’t know if it is worth it to call maintenance back to her dorm. Like many other students on campus, she has a pet living with her that is registered through Lindenwood and is worried for her pet’s wellbeing.

“Cats prefer warmer climates compared to cold, so I’m doing my best to make sure I’m checking on him often,” Pfeffer said.

The stress from worrying for one’s own wellbeing in the cold along with a pet’s is a concern for many students around campus.