Bookstore set to move to Spellmann in late November


Photo by Eva Laurens

The bookstore will open at its new location on Monday, Nov. 28

Eva Laurens, News Editor

The Barnes and Noble Bookstore at Lindenwood University is moving to a new location.

Lindenwood announced earlier this year that it would move the bookstore to Spellmann.

“The bookstore will open at its new location on Monday, Nov. 28,” Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Bethany Alden-Rivers said.

During an exercise last year, the University’s leadership team discussed the eventuality of moving the bookstore to a more central location on campus.

“Last year, members of the University’s leadership team carried out a design thinking exercise to understand the experiences of our students when they come to our campus,” Alden-Rivers said. “As part of this exercise, we realized that we had a wonderful opportunity to ensure the campus bookstore was a central feature on our campus.”

Partnering with Barnes and Noble, Lindenwood expressed to them the idea of moving the bookstore before making it happen.

“After working with our Barnes and Noble partners, we realized that it was possible to move to a more central location on campus,” Alden-Rivers said.

Junior Jenna Parsons is working at the Barnes and Noble bookstore and was excited to hear about the new location.

“I have been working at the bookstore for a year and a half now. When I heard we were moving to Spellmann I was very excited for us to be more accessible to everyone,” Parsons said. “I think being at the heart of campus will help us more easily connect to students, faculty, organizations, and visitors.”

The building that was the location of the old bookstore will be now used by the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and Public Safety.

“The space that was previously used for the bookstore has been offered to the ROTC and to Public Safety,” Alden-Rivers said. “This will provide more visibility for our ROTC program and more convenient amenities, such as parking.”

The new location will have a new display and aesthetic that the old location of the bookstore did not have.

“In the new location, the books and merchandise will be displayed over two levels with an inviting entrance,” Alden-Rivers said. “The aesthetic of the new space will be much more in-step with how we are evolving as an institution.”

The bookstore is going to move into their new location in November which will result in its unavailability for a couple of days.

“The Bookstore will be closed from Nov. 14 through Nov. 27 as they move into their new location,” Alden-Rivers said. “We are so excited for everyone in our campus community to experience the new bookstore location.”

Students and faculty will be able to visit the new bookstore location at the end of the month.

“We are really looking forward to being in the new space and for everybody to come check it out,” Parsons said.