MOLA offers inspiration for leadership


Sandro Perrino | Lindenlink staff

Have you heard about MOLA Leadership?

MOLA Leadership is a group created by Lindenwood students who strive to guide, coach, and inspire leaders to their own success by increasing their motivation, self- esteem and physical, mental and spiritual health. The co-founders and authors are Alex Moraes and Daniel Lainez Laguia.

Alex Moraes at Blanchette Park’s Memorial Hall giving a motivational speech
Daniel Lainez at Blanchette Park’s Memorial Hall speaking about health

Working together with fellow students of Lindenwood University, MOLA has become fairly popular among students since it officially became a group a year and a half ago.

 Moraes and Laguia created this group to give motivational speeches to students and pretty much to everyone who needs it. The target audience is anyone between the ages of 13-30. They have given speeches at high schools, universities and other countries (Honduras, Spain).

Get to know MOLA and begin to feel inspired:

Their inspiration, as Moraes said, is to reach as many people as possible just to give that wake-up call to youth to find purpose in their lives.

Find out more about MOLA visiting their online networks:

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