Healthy foods to turn dorm room into home


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Erica Sturdefant | Lindenlink staff

The St. Charles air is beginning to be more hot and humid.  This can only mean one thing — the fall semester is near.  Current and incoming students will have many things to worry about, one being food. And when students are not eating in the cafeteria but craving something, here’s a list of five health-conscious items to help them stay fit and be prepared in the comfort of their dorms.

Top five dorm health foods:

1) 100 Calorie Popcorn Packs- Yes, you will have to go to your dorm lobby to use the microwave, but the 100 Calorie Popcorn packs are a great way to fill that hunger void in between meals. Try spicing the popcorn up with some of the low-calorie popcorn seasoning found at local groceries.

2) Individual Egg White Packets– Though not always at the top of someone’s list, egg whites are sold in individual packets to warm up in the microwave to spice to taste buds. Many flavors are offered, plus things add such as cheese, meats and veggies.

3) Quick Stir Oatmeal– Ever running late for class but need something quick on the run? Oatmeal can be an empty-stomach lifesaver from that 8 a.m. class. In most dorms the water gets hot enough to put right in with the oatmeal, so just stir and get that meal on the run. (These also come in many flavors.)

4) Low Calorie Jell-O-  This item is a lifesaver, 10 calorie packets that will calm any sweet tooth, with flavors like strawberry, cherry, orange and many others. Or buy a low-calorie whip cream to top a favorite Jell-O for a creamy taste.

5) 100 Calorie Tuna Packs – Yes, I know tuna is not for everyone, though if you can stand the taste, these packets come in many different flavors such as herb and garlic, spicy pepper and lemon pepper. Pair these with a low-carb wrap and they are a great on the run lunch for in-between classes.