Find your getaway on the Katy Trail


Sandro Perrino | Lindenlink staff

Are you on campus, but nothing to do? Looking for fun and easy exercise?

A great solution is a bike ride or run on the nearby Katy Trail.

Lindenwood student Mario Castellanos recommends the path that starts in St. Charles at Frontier Park and actually runs across Missouri to the western area of Sedalia, near Kansas City. The route runs between trees and along the Missouri River, past the Ameristar Casino and under the I-70 Blanchette Bridge for as far as you’d like to run or ride through a beautiful landscape.

This ride or run is good and easy exercise, and better when gathering a couple of friends to run together. It’s a great break to get fresh air, free from the stresses of working and studying. 

Starting point leaves from around 230 South Main St. in St. Charles.

Main Street Park

Possible end point: Intersection between Greens Bottom and Jungs Station roads.


Time spent:  60-80 minutes, 30 out and 30 back.

Castellanos, a sophomore in biochemistry, said, “It is very relaxing, and gives me an opportunity to catch a glance of the natural landscapes. Also, it is nice because you get to know St. Charles Main Street area, the park and the Missouri River.”

Mario Castellanos

Graduate student Josimar Ortiz agreed. “The day I went biking with my friends, it reminded me of my youthful days,” he said. “It was definitely an experience that opened my eyes. I was missing the beauty of nature and all of the things that it has to offer. The best part of the trip was being able to share time with new friends. During our ride we were able to talk about things that we have in common such as music.

“Biking is a new way to enjoy the outdoors and exercise without thinking about it. That was my experience from biking at the Katy Trail,” Ortiz said.

Here is some of the scenery along the route: