Who Needs a Dose of Wiese’s Wisdom?


Jason Wiese | Staff Reporter

New students, returning students: lend me your ears! (Not your actual ears, please. That is disgusting.)

I hope that you have all been enjoying these first few weeks of the new semester. If not, why? What’s up? Do you need anyone to talk to? I can be your guy.

I would like to announce that I am making my column open for comments and questions. If you have a question about making friends, making a relationship work, or getting through the common frustration of everyday life, my door is always open. Contact me and I will anonymously answer your question via my column on Lindenlink.

I will be talking to campus counselors and studying sociological ethics to better prepare myself for answering any questions or providing advice for whatever it is the student body is curious, or panicking, about. If my work last semester was any help, or just good entertainment, it will be much more professional and intuitive this year. Of course, I may slip in some humor here and there, which is more or less my signature quality.

Responses will be posted anonymously. Therefore, there is no need to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by submissions. Think of it as LU Confessions with someone responding back free of judgment or ridicule. However, I would suggest taking my LU Confessions analogy lightly. I want to help people with questions about friends, relationships, school, etc. To put it best, I will answer to anything under the category of social, but not sexual. That is not what this column is meant to be about and I am not the person to come to for that.

I want to be able to communicate with more people on campus. I want to help those who need to improve social skills, improve their dating lives, and juggle their education with just about everything else there is in the jam-packed schedule of the common college student. For those interested, send your questions here.

You can contact me through my e-mail. I am also on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, all of which I would prefer you message me directly (no tweet mentions, wall posts, etc.). I am looking forward to hearing from you and for you to hear from me.