Dream On: Confused by a romantic dream?


Jason Wiese | Staff Reporter

You are sitting in a classroom, staring blankly at the white board as you wait for class to begin (or end). You turn your glance to witness you crush standing next to you. Your crush looks nervous, almost as nervous as you do, as you desperately try to engage in conversation. Just as you begin to speak, your crush is now laughing. What is happening? You look down to find yourself standing in nothing but your underwear. Most likely, this is about the time when you finally wake up.

Almost every night, the rapid eye movement, or dreaming, stage of sleep either entertains or haunts the common individual with mysterious, and even frightening, images and sounds that leave one with the question “what did that all mean?” It can be much more frustrating when that dream involves the dreamer’s love life. So, what does it all mean?

To dream of a certain love interest, which is very common, represents adoration for that person that the dreamer may or may not have realized before, according to dreammoods.com. If the person of interest reciprocates feelings in the dream, it may signify that it is time for the dreamer to tell the truth about his or her feelings. If a love interest rejects a dreamer, which may represent one’s own sense of self-worth and insecurity, it is best to take it with a grain of salt and move on.

Dreamstop.com says a dream about an ex could mean that the subconscious is cleaning up past issues within the dreamer. If the dream occurs as a new relationship has started, despite the guilt that it may dream, it can really mean that the subconscious is weighing out the good and bad of the new relationship in contrast to the past. “Am I still in love with my ex?” one might ask after a dream. No, not necessarily. It can take a lot of self-analysis to determine the answer, but it is most likely nothing to fret over. It could simply be the subconscious reflecting on the positive aspects of a past relationship.

Another particularly stressful type of dream involves infidelity. Dreammoods explains that to dream of being cheated on indicates feelings of abandonment or disregard within a relationship. If the dreamer is the one committing adultery, it may represent dissatisfaction in a current relationship. Despite the guilt that comes with it, this dream may mean that the relationship has run its course.

On the brighter side of the pillow, one might have dreams involving marriage. These may have a positive or negative meaning, depending on the theme, says Dreammoods. To dream of one’s own wedding may signify commitment, harmony, or making a new transition in life. It may also be useful to integrate the characteristics of the person the dreamer is marrying within his or herself. However, and ironically enough, dreaming of a marriage proposal could signify that something is taking a turn for the worse. Also ironic, marrying an ex in a dream is good by representing the dreamer’s acceptance of previous mistakes in a past relationship.

If any of these dream scenarios seem familiar, they could simply be a random collection of highly-exaggerated memories or a much-needed wake-up call. The sub conscience has a tendency to know more about ourselves than we do. It is during the time we sleep when it attempts to communicate with us, tell us something we need to hear. Depending on what stage in your life or your relationship that you are in, it may be time to start listening. Maybe tonight?