Lindenwood hosting World Trade Centers’ Anna Romero

Reem Abdalazem | Legacy Reporter

Director of International Business development at the World Trade center, Anna Romero, will be giving a speech at Lindenwood on Oct. 21, regarding the yearly Growing Global event hosted by World Trade Centers on the international market, career perspectives and competition in the job market.

World Trade Center St. Louis is part of a widespread global association of over 300 World Trade Centers, with general goals to augment international trade and promote local economic development. Romero took initiative to give some Lindenwood students a taste of the Growing Global event that took place Friday, September 27 at The Ritz-Carlton.

The event involved highly-respected people in the field of marketing, such as Tim Nowak, Executive Director of World Trade Center St. Louis and Brett Begemann, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Monsanto.

Seniors Napoleon Salazar, Valeria Pol, Santiago Rojas and Hanne Zmierczak experienced the massive luncheon and will bring an open-minded perspective to Romero´s speech on the 21st in Harmon Hall 217 at 3:30.

The 4 students are members of the LU Global Business Club run by faculty member Dr. Chryssa Sharpe.

Rojas said,” I’m very excited about Anna Romero’s speech on Monday because more students can get a better understanding of businesses and how they grow globally. We were very lucky to be part of the Growing Global event and we can definitely bring a student-eye to Romero´s speech.”

Salazar said, “Romero´s speech will be very important, especially for business-related students. It will be amazing for more students to interact with Romero on Monday and get a feel of what we did at the Ritz-Carlton event. Being around some of the top executives of the metro area definitely makes us feel like our club is going beyond Lindenwood Walls.”