Fashion Department host casting call for upcoming showcase

Vasilisa Mironova tries out at the model casting. Photo credit: Emily Miller

Emily Miller | Reporter
April 27, 2016; 7 a.m.

Measuring tape used for the models. Photo credit: Emily Miller
Measuring tape used for the models.
Photo by Emily Miller

Lindenwood University hosted a model casting event that was open to students and the public for models for the upcoming Senior Showcase Fashion Show.

The event will be held on May 7, at 8 p.m., at the Mercedes Benz of St. Louis, 1048 Hampton Avenue in downtown Saint Louis.

The show will display the works of 14 senior designers and one grad student. Each student has five pieces and five looks. The looks that the students create will be a surprise for the show.

Nasheli Ortiz, Assistant Professor of the Fashion Department, as well as a designer in St. Louis says, “We have a lot of conceptual design and contour pieces.”

According to Ortiz, this project is very open to opportunities. The students have already taken two design courses so they already have the skills to choose their own style.

“We have been working on this since December. They have a winter project and then after that we go to New York to buy fabrics and meet other designers,” said Ortiz. “We also brought in an expert from Italy to look at the pieces.”

The fashion department requires that models be at least 5’7 and have measurements of 24-34 inches for the waist, but will go up to measurements of 28-38 inches.

Vasilisa Mironova tries out at the model casting. Photo credit: Emily Miller
Vasilisa Mironova tries out at the model casting.
Photo by Emily Miller

“This year we have West Model Management sponsoring us,” said Ortiz. They are a model agency and they are helping us approve the best models for the show.”

Sutton Lasater is the vice president for West Model Management says what she looks for in models,

“We are looking for models and first of all they have to have the right measurements for the clothing and a good walk and the main part about having a good walk is confidence,” said Lasater.

Professor Ortiz continued  “We are looking for a lot of grace and someone that can portray a lot of different looks,” said Ortiz.

Model Emma Hayden said “The thrill when you walk across the stage is amazing. The nerves sometimes get to me if it is a really big show but if it is a casting call then you just got to relax.” said Hayden.

“We really like to support the local design community and schools especially the Lindenwood design program. It is a great place to really see the true design process, get involved with the designers, and help get their career started,” said Lasater.

The panel that will be judging the event are Debra Bass from St.Louis Post Dispatch, Sarah Stallman for Alive magazine, and Susan Gerard from Gerard Projects.

“I expect it to be a professional show. I expect my students to be able to go into the real world with expectations of what happens in a real fashion show,” said Ortiz.

Ortiz also explains what she wants the seniors to act and portray for when in the real world.

Used for students to design clothes. Photo credit: Emily Miller
Used for students to design clothes.
Photo by Emily Miller

“I don’t want them to be seniors in the moment, I want them to be professionals,” continued Ortiz.

Sean Houston who is a fashion design student explains what he predicts of the show.

“I expect glamour, dramatics, Lindenwood fashion department is wonderful they can come up with anything and everything its unexpected,” said Houston

“You have to come see the show for yourself because I can’t even describe what everyone is working with,” said Houston.

Ortez really wants the Lindenwood fashion department to make its mark.

“We want to be the best fashion design school in Saint Louis,” said Ortiz.



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