LUTV News special edition: Gymnastics wins second consecutive national championship

Members of the Lindenwood gymnastics team celebrate after their teammate completes a floor routine in the team finals.
File Photo by Carly Fristoe

On this special edition of LUTV news, take an inside look at the Lindenwood gymnastics team’s road to a second-consecutive national championship. The following four segments include the highlights, emotions, a look into the program’s future and much more.

The first segment of this special show covers the process of bringing the championships to Lindenwood and provides a time-lapse view of the step up in the Hyland Arena. LUTV was also at the team and individual competitions to provide a recap of the events, along with highlights from the Lions performances.

The second segment of the show features a look into senior gymnast Lauren Cartmell‘s story of overcoming her fears in the sport. See why she says to never give up on your dreams and why she chooses to carry a message of positivity. We also take a look at the rest of the program’s inaugural senior class.

The third segment of the show features a visit to the studio by Lindenwood gymnastics head coach,  Jen Kesler. In her interview she discusses what a second national championship means for the program and for the university. She also touches on saying goodbye to the program’s first senior class and what steps are being made in order for the team to fill their shoes.

The final segment of the show features an interview with three member of the championship team. Valeri Ingui, Kayla McMullan and Rachel Zabawa sat down with Ben Holtmeyer on Lion Pride Sports to talk about their recent title. Take an inside look at the process of winning a national championship from the perspective of a gymnast, and hear what competing in such a big event at home meant to the team.

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