LUTV News special edition: Lindenwood’s top athletes and coaches

Brad Cieslewicz | LUTV
May 9, 2016; 4 p.m.

Overcoming adversity with the help of a hard work ethic has helped two Lindenwood athletes preform at an outstanding level. Take a look at what gymnast Lauren Cartmell and bowler Rodolfo Madriz accomplished this season in their respective sports.

Lindenwood sophomore Michael Coffey had a historic season with the Lindenwood bowling team. See which awards he added to his resume and why he says it’s helping him stand out in the sport. Men’s basketball player Cory Arentsen also set several records this season. See what he left on the court in his final season as a Lion.

The Lindenwood synchronized swimming team wrapped up a memorable season, which included several first time awards for the program. Two members of the team stopped by the studio to discuss their season and why it was so special.

The Lindenwood men’s water polo team also won a national championship this past season under the direction of a new coach. See what he brought to the program and his thoughts on coaching some of the top players in the league.

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