LUTV News special edition: The St. Louis area heroin epidemic

Cassie Hall | LUTV
May 10, 2016; 5 p.m.

Two mothers who lost their children to heroin talk about how their family was a victim of the drug. Gee Vigna lost her 20 year old, Nicky, after a 3 year long battle with the drug. Kelli Clodfelter lost her 17 year old son when he tried heroin for the first time.

Gee Vigna and Kelli Clodfelter used their terrible loss as motivation to help keep other families from going through the same thing. The two mothers talk about their own not-for-profit organizations. St. Charles County is also starting programs to stop the spread of heroin.

St. Louis Division DEA Task Force Officer Juan Wilson talks about how law enforcement is battling the heroin epidemic. He explains what is already being done and what else he thinks should be done.

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