The City of Saint Charles improving brick by brick

Construction workers building the new sidewalk. Photo credit: Emily Miller

Emily Miller | Reporter
May 11, 2016; 4 p.m.

The first segment of my show was about the past changes that have happened to Lindenwood University and the surrounding community.
The segment features MoDot improvements to their funding and program, the Daniel Boone bridge beginning process of demolition, and new businesses and restaurants that are coming to the Saint Charles Streets complex.

The next segment after the break discussed the projects that are up and coming or currently being worked on. The projects that were discussed were 5th street construction, the reconstruction of Droste Road, the new post office construction, and new senior living complex.

This was on the continuation from the segment above. I compared footage from when LUTV’s Michelle Sproat did a library construction in the fall of 2015-2016 year and then I compared it with the most recent changes in spring of 2016.

This is when I interviewed my special guest that related to the entire theme of the show. Special guest Julie Mueller who is vice president and chief operating officer for Lindenwood University.┬áThe segment finishes off with what is coming to Lindenwood University with Lindenwood University President Micheal Shonrock of what his vision is for Lindenwood University, then a segment on how Lindenwood’s growth is effecting the Saint Charles area in a positive way, then to end the show the new spirit shop that is sponsored by Barnes and Noble.

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