Wrong-way driver on Main Street accused of attempting to bribe cop

N. Main Street which is typically considered the "bar" area of Main Street is where Ahmed was driving recklessly through. File photo by Madeline Raineri.


A man driving the wrong way down Main Street Saturday allegedly tried to bribe a St. Charles police officer with $500 to let him go, according to court documents.

St. John, Missouri, resident Hossam Ahmed was speeding the wrong way as bars were closing, and the area was full of pedestrians. The officer flashed his light at Ahmed, in an attempt to make him slow down.  

“The vehicle failed to yield and drove by the officer,” said Lt. Tom Wilkison, public information officer for the St. Charles police. 

Wilkison also said the officer slapped the car as he was going by, and Ahmed still refused to stop until other cars leaving prevented him from proceeding. 

When Ahmed realized he was being charged with careless and imprudent driving, he offered the officer $500 to let him go, police said. 

After Ahmed claimed he was joking, the officer found Ahmed was in possession of over $3,000 in cash, which meant he was “able to have made good on that bribe at the time,” Wilkison said. 

Wilkison said Ahmed apparently was not intoxicated because the arresting officer, who is trained in DWI, did not include it in the report.

His bail was set at $10,000 cash only. 

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